Andrew Seltz is The Go-To Guy! and also the founder of Go-To Guy! Enterprises. He is the author of the “Selling Digital Goods with e-Junkie”, and publisher of the “WordPress Tutor” website that provide free step-by-step video tutorials to help turn WordPress newbies into seasoned pros – fast!.

Andrew has been developing and producing websites professionally for more than 10 years. But, he is also an award-winning film and video producer.

Go-To Guy! Enterprises was created to house the marketing and distribution of Andrew’s work and this blog is intended as a place to share the insights gained along the way to help others create the online business of their dreams.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Rick, thanks for your WP SalesPage purchase (and the recommendations – I hope you joined our affiliate program at E-Junkie.com and used your referral link.)

    The pop-up on the e-book secrets site was created using the You Can’t Block This pop-up code generating software. I used a WordPress plugin to stick the code into the header of the page.

    But, I’m in the process of switching over to a new program called Advanced DHTML Popups which gives me much more refined options including the ability to create footer popups and exit popups. Much more versatile (and a bit more expensive and complicated) and worth making the switch in my book.

    If you want a simple plugin based solution, I’ve come across 2 that are inexpensive, easy to use, and effective. The first is called Awesome Optin and the other is called Awesome Slider (click the link to download and try out a free version first – looks very good to me!)

    Hope that helps,


  2. I bought your WP Sales page and have recommended it in at least one forum.
    Your e-bookmarketingsecrets site has a great pop-up opt in. How do you do that?

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