Professional Quality Podcast Recordings: 2 Critical Upgrades You Need To Make Today!

For many people who start dabbling with podcasting or other audio recordings, there comes a point where you want more professional results. But, where to start and how much will it cost? Searching the world of professional audio recording turns up some confusing and expensive recommendations. The technology can be very confusing.
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6 Steps To Setting Up Your Own Podcast

Podcasting and the steps needed to set up a podcast came up in a recent conversation with a consulting client. What follows is a snapshot of our conversation. I am developing an in-depth training program that covers all aspects of podcasting in detail, but this overview will be enough to get you started until the training program is finished. (If you have specific questions you’d like me to cover, leave them in a comment below!)
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Automatic Podcasting With Odiogo

Podcasting is an excellent strategy for building audiences on the web. When you create a podcast you detach your content from the web and drop it onto people’s iPods and MP3 players. Listeners who would never read become fans. The problem is, podcasting isn’t easy.
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