Create Your Own Products The Easy Way

Creating your very own information product is certainly a worthwhile  endeavor. In fact, having your own product is often one of the easiest ways to not only make money online, but it can help you to build and establish a brand, build valuable partnerships and create your very own team of affiliate marketers who are willing to promote the products for you! Continue reading “Create Your Own Products The Easy Way”

WordPress Is Destroying Your Business

I am a WordPress fan. Over the years I have built dozens of sites using it and made thousands of dollars helping others do the same. But…

this webpage has got me thinking that WordPress might be a big mistake for online business! Continue reading “WordPress Is Destroying Your Business”

Consulting With Offline Businesses

Do you know how to create a marketing article? Do you know how to setup an autoresponder? Do you know about keyword research, or any other aspect of Internet marketing? If you know anything about marketing online then… Continue reading “Consulting With Offline Businesses”

Free Sales Page Website Template

So much of the work of involved in selling products online is tedious and repetitive. Creating sales pages is one of those tasks.

You need a separate salespage for every product you promote – but after creating a product, writing the sales copy, and setting up shopping carts, who wants to sit in front of a web design program and try remembering all the style sheet commands and HTML codes you need to produce a decent page? A really nice looking page requires you create graphics too.
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RoboForm Saves Me Time And Money

My online business continues to grow and mature. I’ve been making a number of investments in infrastructure over the past few months (new hosting, aweber autoresponder service, etc.) and today I purchased a copy of Roboform to store my passwords and login info for all of the affiliate sites, payment processors, blogs, and other accounts I use on a regular basis. I’m already benefiting from the increased speed created by not having to manually type in login data over and over.
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