Free MP3 Player from Russell Brunson

I just got this free MP3 player in the mail that is pre-loaded with a 6 hour seminar on Russell Brunson’s Micro Continuity system. Check it out:


If you plan to get your own MP3 Player from Russell, do me a favor and click on this link:

…I’ll get a few bucks commission from the referral (my girls are going to need braces one day!!!)


P.S. Please, no comments on how bad I look in the video. I’ve got a toddler and a teething 10 month old – I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in nearly 3 years. It’s astonishing that I can even speak coherently.

First Look: Frank Kern’s Crowd Control Course

I purchased Frank Kern’s Mass Control course back in early 2008 when he did his first big launch of the course. As I sat in my living room – American Express card in my hand – after charging nearly $2000, I felt a twinge of fear. That ‘little voice’ in my started talking…

…”you just wasted a huge amount of money – sucker.”

We’ve all been there at some point after making a big purchase – wondering whether a fast-talking salesman just picked our pocket or if we actually made a smart investment.

Fortunately, the little voice was WRONG this time. Mass Control turned out to be an amazingly good investment in my marketing education…

…and my investment just got a whole lot better! Let me explain.

The latest relaunch of Mass Control is a new physical version of the course (the original was delivered online.) One of the new bonuses added to the package to ‘sweeten’ the deal is a 3-DVD course called Crowd Control. I was starting to regret investing in the first version of the course (because I wanted this bonus), but that was a short-lived feeling…

…One of the great surprises that has come with being a Mass Control customer is that Frank Kern continues to add value to my original purchase well beyond anything I was initially promised.

Shortly before the latest Mass Control promotion, I got an email from Frank Kern announcing that all original customers of Mass Control would be getting a free copy of the new physical version of the course when it came out (he didn’t even charge for shipping the 10 pound box of materials.) So…

…I also got a copy of Crowd Control!

As I write this, I just got through watching the first DVD in Crowd Control and I am completely blown away.

The primary objective of this course is to teach you how to use powerful (and subtle) psychological persuasion techniques to sell to people in live environments and through online video.

The teaching method used in the course involves Frank showing a presentation he gave as an object lesson. He outlines what his persuasion goals were for the presentation and then breaks it down by explaining exactly what he does at each step of the process and why. He describes a technique, explains how it works, and then you watch the next part of the presentation where he uses it in front of an audience or in an online video.

If there was ever a doubt in my mind that Frank Kern is a brilliant marketer, the breakdown of the Core Influence presentation that he uses as his first example would have killed it.

I remember the first time I watched a recording of the Core Influence presentation. It looks like Frank Kern is giving a loose and (somewhat) rough presentation to the crowd at a marketing seminar. But, it turns out to be an intricately engineered experience. Every gesture, every story, every question has a specific purpose for being there and the Crowd Control course explains it all.

The next DVD in the Crowd Control course focuses on translating those live event techniques to online videos – which figure prominently in the Mass Control system.

Previously, I had seen another impressive video where Frank broke-down a sales letter and explained how and why each component worked. This presentation followed the same process as that earlier video and I found it to be a powerful teaching approach.

After watching this DVD, I am completely loaded-up now with an understanding of concepts like anchoring, pattern interrupts, and trance inductions and how to use them to create powerfully persuasive videos.

Crowd Control is an impressive educational resource that could easily stand on its own. It does not provide the same type of step-by-step systems as the Mass Control course, but it explains some incredibly powerful concepts in a way that lets you see how you can put them into action yourself.

Frank Kern continues to add huge value to the Mass Control investment I made (he just started a ‘List-Getting’ video course online as well that’s equally impressive). Every new training course he releases pulls back the cover on the techniques he actively uses.

Learning exactly how Frank Kern persuaded me to make that $2000 investment in Mass Control back in 2008 makes me glad he is so good at what he does (and that I don’t always listen to that little voice in my head!)

Mass Control Feedback from a Satisfied Customer

The hype for the Mass Control 2.0 launch is hitting a fevered pitch, and lots of people are searching the Internet for honest feedback about whether this product is worth the 5 figure price tag.

I am a member of Dennis Becker’s Earn1KaDay marketing forum and was recently asked by one of the other members about my opinion of the course. I think the response I gave would be helpful for anyone who is on the fence trying to decide whether to buy this product.

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Integration Marketing – The Next Big Buzz Word

Mark Joyner is rolling out a new website called and giving away a copies of his new book on the subject to everyone who creates a free account at the website.

I’ve signed up, downloaded the book, and checked everything out for you, and in a moment I will tell you what I discovered. But first, I want to make sure you know who Mark Joyner is.
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Get the Underachiever Method Training Absolutely Free

The Underachiever Method is an Internet marketing system developed and taught by Frank Kern and Ed Dale.You can now get the Underachiever Method training absolutely Free – keep reading to find out more.
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Review: E-Junkie E-Commerce Shopping Cart

Searching for an e-commerce solution for your Internet business? E-Junkie’s shopping cart system may be the online selling solution you’ve been looking for.

One of the first big decisions that any new Internet business faces is figuring out how to sell and deliver products. Simple solutions like PayPal’s ‘Buy Now’ button and shopping cart tools are attractive because they are free to setup and easy to use. But, they come with some very severe limitations. They don’t have secure digital product delivery options (you have to set that up separately with 3rd party software on your own server), there are no tools for processing sales/VAT taxes or shipping charges, and there are no tools for running an affiliate program.
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DigiMemo L2 Video Demo

Previously I wrote a review of the DigiMemo L2 digital memo pad that I got this past Christmas to help with my product creation and marketing work.

I feel that this original review covered the core questions that someone considering a purchase would ask, but describing the DigiMemo L2 in words doesn’t do the product justice. You need to see it in action to truly know whether it is the right technology for you.
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Review: DigiMemo L2 Electronic Memo Pad with OCR

Since I first made the decision to start building an information publishing business, I have constantly looked for techniques and technology that would take my normal everyday methods of working and capture the information that I share. This information needs to be in a format that can be easily adapted to create new products. One early change I made was to buy a voice recorder and record conversations whenever I explain things to friends and co-workers. Now, instead of tutoring one person, I can have the audio transcribed into a tutorial to publish online. I didn’t have a similar solution for capturing my handwritten notes

This past Christmas I got my hands on one of the coolest new tools for my information publishing business – the DigiMemo L2 by ACECAD.


In spite of the fact that I have a Palm Pilot, a laptop, a voice recorder, several desktop computers, and lots of other little technological gizmos, I still tend to do a lot of my work with good old-fashioned pen and paper. Some of my best ideas come this way and I can often rough out an idea faster than with any other method. The struggle I have is that I rarely type up my notes on the computer and, instead, I end up with notepads full of ideas and product outlines that get lost in the shuffle and forgotten. So, I’ve been on the lookout for some technology that gives me the experience and convenience of writing on paper with a pen, but digitizes the results quickly and easily so that my notes can be converted into the raw material for new information products, blog articles, and anything else I can think of.

One early attempt to solve this dilemma involved scanning my notes into the computer and using OCR software (Optical Character Recognition) to convert the images into text that could be edited in a word processor. The process was cumbersome (which significantly reduces the chances that I’ll actually do it), the OCR software was expensive, and the resulting texts required so much editing to clean up the conversion mistakes (my handwriting is not very neat and OCR software seems to struggle deciphering it) that it just wasn’t worth the effort. I had no intention of trying to change the way I write to please the OCR software and it was faster and easier to just type the notes directly rather than edit the converted files. Not a good solution!

On a business trip last year I was reading the Skymall catalog that the airlines put in the seat-backs of the planes when I came across an ad for the DigiMemo L2. The ad promised that I would be able to write on normal paper using an ink pen and then this device would capture everything I wrote as a graphic. Once captured, the pages could then be quickly downloaded to my computer using an ordinary USB cable and converted to text using their OCR software. Essentially, the DigiMemo L2 digitizes as you write – no scanning required.

From that moment on, I wanted to get my hands on the DigiMemo to see if it would live up to the hype. I tore the ad from the catalog and stuck it to the refrigerator door as a Christmas gift ‘hint’ for my wife. We tend to spend our Christmas money traveling to visit family and keep our gifts to each other more modest, so this one was a combo Christmas/birthday gift – but, I got it! (The combo gift is one of the few benefits to having a birthday right after Christmas!)

So, after months of anticipation, did the DigiMemo L2 live up to the hype? In a word: Yes!

The DigiMemo device is basically a Wacom Tablet with a pad of paper between the pen and the tablet. The pen itself has a ball point cartridge which triggers a pressure sensing mechanism inside when you push down to write. The tablet records the strokes of the pen as you write and builds an image of the page in an internal memory bank. When you flip to a new sheet of paper, there is a button on the side of the tablet to flip to a ‘new digital page’ which starts a new recording.

One great feature of the device is that it does not need to be connected to a computer for you to use it. There is enough memory to store dozens of pages (and you can use an SD memory card to increase the storage space.) So, you can take the pad with you anywhere you would normally use a pen and paper. Then, you can quickly download the pages into your computer using the included software.

Having digital copies of my notes is great, but the real benefit to me is the ability to convert the pages into text. This was the real test of the value of this solution.

I purchased the optional OCR software (a trial version of the software is included, but it’s a ‘must have’ option for me, so I bought it with the DigiMemo.) Once you download the pages to your computer, you can send them to the OCR software for conversion. The conversion software can work with text only and also text with images (which will clean up your drawings.) Straight out of the box, the OCR software converted my chicken-scratch handwriting with about 90% accuracy. This is better than any other OCR software I have used. But, there were still corrections to be made and this was where I was most impressed with the whole system. The OCR software displays the image of your hand written page along side of the OCR results. This enables me to quickly read through the OCR texts and, when I come across something that doesn’t look right, glance over to the original to see the hand written text. A few quick strokes on the keyboard and I have a corrected page ready to save.

The DigiMemo L2 fits right in with my normal work flow and makes it easy to convert my writing into editable texts. Using the device requires very little change to my normal work methods which means that I will actually use this device. The only thing I can imagine being more convenient would be to have a personal scribe who follows me around taking notes and typing up everything I think and say (a man can have a dream, can’t he?)

One add-on that I did not get (but plan to add soon) is a portfolio case to hold the pad and pen. The pen is designed to clip onto the tablet when not in use, but is very easy to knock loose. Without the pen, the tablet is useless except as a very expensive clipboard. I also want a little extra protection for the whole thing. So, another $40 will get you a fancy portfolio style holder that zips shut and will keep everything in place and protected.

There are a few other cool little features on the DigiMemo L2. The most significant one is that it will serve as a drawing tablet for your computer when it is plugged in with the USB cable. If you don’t already have a graphics tablet, this is a nice little bonus feature.

The DigiMemo L2 has already proved its worth to me. I’ve been using it to capture notes for new reports, e-books, and web content. I take it with me everywhere I go and know that everything I write is captured and ready to use to build my information publishing empire (cue the evil laughter.)

If you are listening to the podcast version of this article we invite you to visit us at www dot go to guy enterprises dot com for more Internet Marketing Insights.

Frank Kern’s Mass Control – Initial Impressions of the Course

My experience with Mass Control got off to a bumpy start because of server problems they were having on launch day. I couldn’t log in right away because the payment system didn’t automatically update my membership account to give me access. I sent off a note with my email payment receipt and, within a few hours, Frank and company had me up and running. There were still intermittent connection problems that first day as they rolled everything over to a new server, but I was able to start looking around at the content. Continue reading “Frank Kern’s Mass Control – Initial Impressions of the Course”

RoboForm Saves Me Time And Money

My online business continues to grow and mature. I’ve been making a number of investments in infrastructure over the past few months (new hosting, aweber autoresponder service, etc.) and today I purchased a copy of Roboform to store my passwords and login info for all of the affiliate sites, payment processors, blogs, and other accounts I use on a regular basis. I’m already benefiting from the increased speed created by not having to manually type in login data over and over.
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