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So much of the work of involved in selling products online is tedious and repetitive. Creating sales pages is one of those tasks.

You need a separate salespage for every product you promote – but after creating a product, writing the sales copy, and setting up shopping carts, who wants to sit in front of a web design program and try remembering all the style sheet commands and HTML codes you need to produce a decent page? A really nice looking page requires you create graphics too.

Free Sales Page Template
Create Templates for Everything You Create Repetitively…

As my business has grown, I’ve looked for every opportunity to conserve effort and improve my overall results. By creating templates that can be used over and over again, I can quickly create new documents and web pages that have a consistent style and quality without having to hire a designer and coder every time or slave for hours building something from scratch.

The basic sales letter is an essential document for online business. Having a good clean template to work from lets you focus on the most important elements – the sales copy, the images, and the ORDER BUTTON.

I’ve decided to share my SALES LETTER TEMPLATE with other marketers who are just getting started. It will help you quickly create the web pages you need to sell your products and give you professional looking results. It includes all the graphics, style sheets, and code.

We have a brand Video Sales Page Template with/Revelation Magic available for free. Click the link to learn more and see a demo!


Using WordPress? Get WP-Sales Engine and build and manage your sales page from inside WordPress. ==>Click Here to See WP-Sales Engine In Action<==

I have created templates for ebooks and the legaleze that appears on my websites. I even developed a process for making a template out of an entire WordPress website so that I can quickly build new websites that share similar structures. It’s a great way to free up your time to focus on things that will make you money instead.


34 thoughts on “Free Sales Page Website Template”

  1. Davi,

    You can open the source files in any text editor and modify the content. I prefer using notepad++ (it’s free.) You will need to be familiar with basic HTML to make the required changes. If you need help with that, I recommend the tutorials over at


  2. Mavy,

    The download starts automatically after 20 seconds – just wait for a moment after you click the link. I just tested the link and it worked fine for me.


  3. Hi There. I cannot get the free template either? It takes me to some other video page fro $97. I have liked it as well. Can you please show me how to get it?

  4. Adewale,

    I removed the Facebook Like script that revealed the link so the link should show up fine now. Please like this page on Facebook or Tweet about it, etc. It’s just not a download requirement anymore!


  5. Thanks for this awesome sale page template, i have been looking for ages for a decent one without paying.

    There are so many sites which sell this for extortionate prices, cheers once again.

  6. WP-SalesPage uses the standard WordPress interface to enter the sales copy for the page (that’s the whole point of it.)

    The free salespage template on this page is just a basic HTML file. It does not connect to WordPress in any way and can be edited with any HTML editing software – I recommend the Free program Kompozer (it is what I use.)

    I may have misunderstood your question. If so, please let me know and I’ll do my best to clarify.


  7. In your WP-SalesPage template, I only see an HTML editor.
    Is there a way to use an advanced WYSIWYG editor like TinyMCE to create the copy in your template?

  8. Hi and thanks for the free sales page template.

    I must be having a stupid moment, because, for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to alter it.
    I opened up the HTML document but when I try to over type on this, nothing happens (it won’t let me type).
    What little step am I missing here?

    Thanks in advance,

  9. Wayne,

    About 2 thirds of the way down the article you’ll find the following text:

    “Free Sales Page Template <– Click To Download”

    That would be the link to the free template.


  10. I came to this page because someone on Warrior Forum gave the link to it saying that there was a download here for a free, simple squeeze page. I don’t see one. Looks like he was mistaken.

  11. This is an excellent basic sales page template. I usually build on average one website or blog per month so I will be using this time and time again.

  12. Well, now I have to reveal my limited website html knowledge! I was hoping this was a “fill in the blanks” sorta thing, and I suppose for html, it is. However, for those of us (like me) who are html deficient…need I say more.

    But Andrew, I do want to compliment you on what really is a great idea and has to also be a fantastic traffic generator! Good job!

  13. Haroun,

    The WP-SalesPage template formats your WordPress pages to look like a salespage. The free template available on this page does not have the required code to work inside WordPress, so you’d need to do some serious modification to it in order to make it work.

    Thanks for purchasing the template, and joining my mailing list. I’m confident that you’ll find value in what I share there.


  14. I’ve just bought your WordPress sales page, and signed up to your mailing list and I hope for a good relationship between us from this time forth 🙂

    Quick question, can I use the template that’s for free here within the WordPress template?

    Can I use th

  15. Many thanks for this template! I was happy to find this after only seeing themes. I don’t want my entire site to be one page so this really helps alot!

  16. Patricia,

    There are 2 possible reasons why you are not seeing the template. The first is that the files are not in the right place (the template and style sheet belong in the root folder of the active theme on your site and the images are inside the images folder inside the themes root folder.)

    The second reason you might not have the option is because you are trying to apply it to a post rather than a page. WordPress does not allow you to apply an alternate template to a post.

    If you’re still having trouble, please start a ticket at the helpdesk (


  17. hey, having a few issues with the headline part – I’m fairly sure I installed it correctly, it doesn’t, however, offer me the “template” option in the attributes area.

    Any thoughts??

  18. Mike,

    I think it’s an excellent idea to keep a swipe file for good examples (I’ve got one that is divided by product price: freebies, moderate priced, and premium.)

    The same holds true for images, sales copy, or anything else you use in your business on a regular basis.

    BTW, I really appreciated the TinyMCE for WordPress article on your blog!


  19. Just a good basic outline for a salesletter. I have finally started a folder on my desktop that has basic salesletter templates.

    I also have a folder in My Documents that I call Great Salesletters. And if I see a great salesletter, I save it (using option web page complete. And if I buy something, I also save all the pages such as OTO’s, download pages, etc. Great swipe file.

    Just a suggestion!

    Thanks Andrew.

  20. Zelimir,

    Try creating a set of legal documents for Serbian Internet Marketers to use on their websites (privacy policies, use policies, etc.) and license them to people to use on their websites.

    There are lots of people doing things like this. Check out:

    This is an example of one company selling legal documents as their digital product.

    Best of luck with your studies,


  21. Its nice…and usefuly…but its only problem in my case…i dont have anythying to sell…maybe just fog in this moment…i can sell it in Serbia some products, but is very difficult, because its sale advertise or something hand to hand…I am study law university and its hard to combine law and economy… : ) So if you want my opinion, this is so easy for every person who want to learn about e-selling…Even for me, whos come and living in Serbia…with language manacle. If you need something tell me and i will answer.


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