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As I write this post, Jeff Walker is promoting the “Product Launch Formula ” course he created. I am a student of the original version of this course and was impressed with what Jeff had created back then. These days he packs more information into his launches than most people include in their products.

I have written about the product launch process before to help readers here determine whether the “Product Launch Formula” course is something that would help their business. And now, I pulled together everything I have ever written on the subject into two new reports that you can download at no charge.

Jeff went and one-upped me!!! He took his latest case study video and created a PDF report out of it for folks who prefer to read rather than watch videos. It’s pretty good.

Download Jeff’s Report here…

This report focuses in on an aspect of the product launch process that is a little different than what I covered – but I give a lot more detail (my opinion – of course!)

Grab copies of my free (for now) reports and then let me know who they stack up by leaving a comment below.

***NOTE: The original reports have been replaced with a bigger badder video that breaks everything down and gives you a complete launch sequence to copy…

…How To Engineer a Buying Frenzy

I can’t wait to hear what you think. I put a tremendous amount of time and energy into this new video and it pulls together information I’ve learned from “Product Launch Formula“, “Mass Control”, “Mind Control Marketing”, and other courses and books on persuasion and sales.

Make sure you leave a comment after you watch the video and let me know what you liked best.

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