Online Video Makes You More Trustworthy

Online video is a powerful marketing tool and a recent survey (conducted in December, 2013 by Animoto) demonstrates just how much influence they have on viewers.

Do you want prospective customers to trust you more? Start making some videos. 58% of the people surveyed by Animoto reported that they find companies that produce videos to be more trustworthy. 71% said that videos leave them with a more positive impression of the company as well (assuming the videos are well made with valuable content.)

Videos also get shared – a lot! The most frequently shared videos are heartwarming or inspirational stories followed closely by instructional videos. In fact, customers LOVE demo videos that show them a product in action before they buy (screen capture videos are great for demonstration computer-based products and they are cheap and easy to make!)

Videos can be the last piece of the sales puzzle. A 2013 report by Invodo that 57% of online shoppers are more confident making a purchasing decision when there is a product related video available.

Beyond building trust and confidence leading to a sale, videos can improve your customer satisfaction after the sale as well. Video-based customer support provides powerful leverage by giving wide access to your most knowledgeable support staff 24 hours per day.

If you are not using video in your online marketing, you are missing a huge opportunity to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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