Review: 5 Bucks a Day, by Dennis Becker

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    UPDATE: In December 2006, Dennis Becker created a newly revised version of this book and also started a members forum for purchasers of 5 Bucks a Day. But, Dennis didn’t stop there. He regularly purchases resale rights to products he thinks will be helpful to the forum members and gives them away. There are currently 16 products on the download page – several with master resale rights included. Several of the bonuses alone are worth the price of Dennis’ e-book and they are all included, along with new updates and membership to the forum! This has been a great investment for me! Dennis has also created a blog as well – visit the 5 Bucks a Day Blog to learn what’s new in the 5BaD world.
    –End Update–

    At this point in my online marketing career I do not think I need to learn another technique or system. I am familiar with article marketing, Adsense advertising, affiliate programs, membership sites, information product creation, viral e-books, squeeze pages and more. I make a few dollars every month, but I still have a day job.

    So, what is it that I need?

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    Dennis Becker claims that what I need is a strategy for applying all of this knowledge and experience. After reading 5 Bucks a Day, I am inclined to agree with him.

    5 Bucks a Day does not teach a technique or system for making money online. It lays out a strategy for applying what you know in a systematic way by breaking down your goals into manageable chunks. Instead of complex never-ending projects he encourages week-long projects designed to achieve small goals. The small goals, accomplished with regularity, build up to big results.

    The title refers to the author’s focus on breaking up big goals. If you currently earn nothing every day, it is a big mental leap to visualize yourself making $10,000 a day. If you try to make a leap that big, often your subconscious mind will just decide that the task is impossible and start sabotaging your thoughts and efforts. It is a goal to far from your experience to comprehend with clarity. If you focus on a more realistic target of $5 a day, the goal seems possible. As you reach these small goals you raise target higher. Before long you will find yourself well beyond your initial ‘impossible’ goals.

    5 Bucks a Day is a well organized, well written and inspiring book. Becker offers specific examples from his own work and provides specific strategies and action steps to help you focus your efforts.

    If you are full-up with marketing information and still not making much money, get a copy of 5 Bucks a Day, by Dennis Becker – and make sure you join the forum. There is a wealth of great advice and helpful people there and you will also get access to thousands worth of additional resources that Dennis has purchased for the community.

    Only mean kids don't share...

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