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If you are running a website of your own, there are a number of very useful online resources that I’ve come across for improving search engine listings, uncovering the relationships between your site and others, and evaluating the value of keywords and key phrases to help you focus your site’s content.

Here’s my list of handy web marketing Go-To links:

Google Links – Find out lots of details about how Google sees your site, such as:

  • Info about Links to your Site
  • Info about pages that have your site’s url
  • Current Google Cache of your Site
  • Info Google Has about your Site
  • Pages that are similar to your Site
  • General page ranking
  • Errors that the Google Bot has encountered – Find out the popularity of search keywords on Google. – A snapshot report of what people are searching for on Google.

Other Website Info Links***Very Highly Recommended*** Several tools for finding keywords, finding out what advertisers are bidding for keywords, plus many other articles and resources for planning an ad campaign or evaluating an online market. – This site provides access to several online services for evaluating keywords through one simple front-end webpage. – A snapshot look at what people are searching for on Yahoo and search trends. – Find out what people are searching for on – Find out what searches are hot on AOL. – Discover what people are asking Jeeves.

This is only a short sample of the wide array of tools that are available. If you know of a valuable marketing resource to add to the list, leave a comment below.

Andrew Seltz
The Go-To Guy!

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