RoboForm Saves Me Time And Money

My online business continues to grow and mature. I’ve been making a number of investments in infrastructure over the past few months (new hosting, aweber autoresponder service, etc.) and today I purchased a copy of Roboform to store my passwords and login info for all of the affiliate sites, payment processors, blogs, and other accounts I use on a regular basis. I’m already benefiting from the increased speed created by not having to manually type in login data over and over.

About a month and a half back I purchased a copy of Mike Filsaime’s 7 Figure Code seminar DVD’s. This was an investment in my education to gain insights into what is needed to build a 7 figure business. One of Mike’s sessions in the series focuses on how he runs his business to maximize the time he spends working on things that generate value by minimizing the time he spends on business ‘chores.’ One tool he recommended was Roboform.

Roboform pretty much stores anything with a user name and password. It also stores the name and address data you frequently use to fill in online forms. All of this data is protected behind one master password.

I purchased the version of the software designed to run off of a USB thumb drive. The added bonus is that I can access all of this information from any computer and, when I remove the drive, 100% of the private data is removed from the computer – sweet!

My next project is to add a collection of portable applications to this same thumb drive so that I will basically be able to run my business from any computer with a USB slot! I’ve already saved time today when checking my affiliate accounts and the savings will add up quickly in the days to come.

Roboform also has several other useful features like a password generator and protected notes.

Think of all the time you spend logging into membership sites, blogs, affiliate accounts, and every other online resource you use that requires a user name and password. That’s time you are earning nothing and generating no new value – wasted time! If you don’t already have a similar solution in place on your computer, buy Roboform now! As your business grows it will save you more and more time to focus on work that generates income!

Andrew Seltz
The Go-To Guy!

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