Mass Control Feedback from a Satisfied Customer

The hype for the Mass Control 2.0 launch is hitting a fevered pitch, and lots of people are searching the Internet for honest feedback about whether this product is worth the 5 figure price tag.

I am a member of Dennis Becker’s Earn1KaDay marketing forum and was recently asked by one of the other members about my opinion of the course. I think the response I gave would be helpful for anyone who is on the fence trying to decide whether to buy this product.

In the interest of full disclosure, I don’t get paid one thin dime if you order Mass Control. I’m not one of Frank Kern’s affiliates (but Frank, if you’re reading this post, I’d love to get into the program!) I do sell an audio interview with Frank in the IM Products section of this site, and (if you read my ‘4 Day Cash Machine’ case study posts and sign-up to get the email sequence from my promotion) you will also see that I’ve written a report called ‘4 Day Cash Machine EXPOSED!’ But, that is the full extent of profit I stand to make from the info I’m about to share.

Here is the response I gave over at the Earn1KaDay forum to the question – is Mass Control worth the money:

I got in during the first Mass Control launch last year and have not regretted the decision for a second – I’ve learned a lot from Frank Kern.

Now, Frank definitely rubs some folks the wrong way, but he has a lot of insight into copywriting and the psychology of selling. His whole ‘California Surfer Dude’ persona (while an extension of his personality) is also a very carefully crafted public image that is central to his sales message.

I can also report that Frank delivers far more value than he advertises.

Inside the Mass Control course itself was the full video content from his Under Achiever Method course, plus a number of other seminar presentations and interviews. These were not empty pitch-fest bonuses. They included his original Mass Control presentation at one of Jeff Walker’s seminars and his Core Influence presentation (which really helps you understand his marketing persona).

Frank also conducted a free seminar for his Mass Control students – for everyone who couldn’t attend, the full sessions were made available as free video downloads. Some of the videos in this current promotion are from that seminar – so you can see the quality of the content for yourself.

Finally (and this surprised me), Frank sent me an email saying that he is giving a free copy of the new version of Mass Control 2.0 to all of us earlier customers. He never promised physical products or free upgrades to any of us – but he’s giving them just the same.

I grab a copy of nearly everything Frank Kern creates just to study what he’s doing and how he’s doing it. His products have been of consistently high quality and they always contain some valuable insight.

While I know a few very successful and respected Internet marketers who absolutely cannot stand Frank Kern, I have been very happy with the investment I made in Mass Control and would happily do it again.

My hope is that the free customer seminar he is planning this year extends to those of us who are getting Mass Control 2.0 because of our purchase of the 1.0 version. I missed the last live event and will not be letting that happen again.

So, if you think Mass Control 2.0 is the right product for you but are just nervous about spending $2k during a bad economic downturn – just know it’s worth every penny and then some.

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2 thoughts on “Mass Control Feedback from a Satisfied Customer”

  1. SueM,

    Everyone has to start where they are and work with what they have.

    If you’re not having any success and startup money is a problem, I recommend checking out Ed Dale’s 30 Day Challenge. The training is free and the business model taught is time tested and will help you learn many of the fundamental skills required by Internet marketers.

    Once you start seeing some success, put aside money from your profits to further your education. Attend seminars so you can network with other marketers and learn more about the business.

    Thanks for leaving a comment and I’m glad you enjoy the content on the blog.


  2. I truly understand Frank’s purpose in charging such a high fee for his products, after all he creates the desire and trust for it. Heck, I just got the emails a day or so ago, and I’m sold on the stuff. But I just don’t even have that kind of money around. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t have dish TV, I only buy used cars, I live in a trailer, we don’t vacation…bottom line, what my husband brings in is spent mostly on insurance and real needs. So my desire to help with online work is sincere. However, as hard as I try, I am missing a link somewhere, somehow, so I spend $10 here and $20 there, and still haven’t got the hang of it. I believe it works, just don’t know how to put the pieces together. Thanks for your great info here, I really appreciate it.

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