Mike Filsaime’s 7 Figure Code And The Value Of A Good Reputation

The value of a good reputation is worth at least $524.50 USD today! That is how much money I spent buying Mike Filsaime’s “7 Figure Code” on the recommendation of John Reese.

The remarkable thing about this is that I have seen the “7 Figure Code” website several time before and decided it was not in the budget right now. I had also heard reports from several people I trust discussing the quality of the content in this product – and still decided not to buy it. I have read Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing Manuscript and thought it was brilliant – worth every penny – and still wasn’t ready to fork over $500+ to get this product. But…

…one single email from John Reese and my Paypal account is $524.50 lighter!

That is the power of a good reputation. I’ve been following John Reese’s writings for a while now. I’m on his mailing list for Income.com and have purchased a copy of his first Traffic Secret’s course and have been inspired and impressed with what I’ve learned. One thing he states over and over is the importance of delivering top quality content to people – even when creating giveaways. Not long ago John mentioned in an email that he would no longer use affiliate links in his newsletters so that people would know that he has no profit motive for recommending products.

All of this information, and an ongoing stream of excellent content in his newsletters and blog, have given me a very favorable opinion of John Reese. So, when he sent an email today and said he thought that the “7 Figure Code” product is excellent and highly recommended (and also that he arranged for a discounted price for his members – check out the site, it lists for $797 there), I jumped in and made the purchase.

That’s the power of a good reputation. Without John Reese’s recommendation I would never have purchased this course – at least not any time soon. Without the quality products and informative blogs and emails, his recommendation wouldn’t have meant as much. The discount didn’t hurt either (and just makes me like him even more!)

Now I’m waiting for this new source of Internet marketing training to arrive. When I get my copy of the “7 Figure Code” and get a chance to read through it and watch the DVD’s, I’ll certainly be posting a review on the site. But, until this new package arrives, I’ll leave you with these two questions:

  • What is your recommendation worth?
  • What have you done today to build your reputation?

Andrew Seltz
The Go-To Guy!

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