SRD: Search Result Domination

You hear a lot of talk in the marketing world about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is an entire industry online. But there is an even more powerful strategy you can use to get traffic to your websites. I call it Search Result Domination (SRD) and don’t hear nearly as many people talking about this idea.

When you apply SEO techniques to your website you find yourself getting one or two pages from your website showing up in the top 10 results. Even if you have lots of secondary pages on your domain that are relevant, Google will filter them out of the results. Search Result Domination techniques work to place web pages whose content you control into many or all of the top 10 search results. Imagine the increased traffic and sales you would get if 5 of the top 10 results on a search pointed to pages you controlled. The pages would all be on different domains, so Google wouldn’t filter them out. Each page would point back to your primary site and pre-sell people on the content being offered.

Dominating the Search Results isn’t that hard in most markets. You write some content on the topic (or hire a writer) and use that to create lenses at Squidoo, marketing articles on eZineArticles, blog entries at,, MySpace, Facebook, ScribD, Hubpages, Wikidot, and a host of other sites. Create a video on the topic and blast it across the Internet using services like Traffic Geyser (these can be simple slide shows with narration if that’s all you can do.) Create a podcast from your blog posts using a service like Odiogo (or by recording the audios yourself) and then list your podcast in every podcast directory you can find. Turn the articles into a free report and list it at every ebook directory site you can find.

The end result of working this way is that a searcher will go looking for your keywords and the results page will come back with mostly your pages. Those pages will steer people to your main site where you can capture leads and make sales. They will act like a giant net that you throw into the Internet to scoop up prospects and pull them into your site where they find the answers they were looking for and the products they need.

I’ve used these tactics to quickly get sites I’m working with ranking for my primary keywords. First the offsite pages get listed (I got a Squidoo page to number one in Google in 3 days this way) and then later the target page slowly overtakes the pages on 3rd party sites. Over the long term, I have several related pages on various domains which are all promoting my main page. Coupled with videos, this can happen in hours rather than days.

Give this tactic a try and let us know your results (or, if you already practice SRD, share a few tips from your experience.)

Don’t neglect your SEO work. But, once you have your page titles, headlines, page link structures, and header tags properly set up, move on and start dominating the results pages.

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