DigiMemo L2 Video Demo

Previously I wrote a review of the DigiMemo L2 digital memo pad that I got this past Christmas to help with my product creation and marketing work.

I feel that this original review covered the core questions that someone considering a purchase would ask, but describing the DigiMemo L2 in words doesn’t do the product justice. You need to see it in action to truly know whether it is the right technology for you.

I recently created this video demo that shows the key features of the DigiMemo L2 and provides an example of creating a document and converting the text using the ACECAD OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software into an editable text document.

If you are listening to the podcast version of this article, visit us online at www dot go to guy enterprises dot com to view the video demo of the Digimemo L2 digital memo pad.

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