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The Underachiever Method is an Internet marketing system developed and taught by Frank Kern and Ed Dale.You can now get the Underachiever Method training absolutely Free – keep reading to find out more.

A little background info first. I was one of the folks who waited by my computer with credit card in hand and rushed to send Frank Kern $2k when the Mass Control training course was offered in early 2008. Once inside the course I discovered a lot of very cool bonuses including the complete video training from the Underachiever Method seminar that Frank Kern and Ed Dale held in Australia. Frank used the promotion for that course as one of his case studies in the Mass Control course, and threw in the full content for fun!!!

In addition to plowing through the Mass Control content, I made some time to watch the Underachiever Method training as well.

Fast forward to today! I’ve been following along with Ed Dale’s free 30 Day Challenge course and I discovered something pretty cool…

Ed Dale’s 30 Day Challenge is essentially the same process he and Frank Kern used to taught in their Underachiever Method course – with updates, of course!

The basic Underachiever Method process is this:

  • Find niche market to test
  • Test the marketplace
  • Create product or choose a primary affiliate product
  • Sell your product with a sales page

Ed tweaks some of the basic steps and also integrates the huge number of networking and syndication tools now available on the web, but the core process is identical.

The lessons on finding a niche market are basically the same. The videos in the 30 Day Challenge are very detailed and there is no ‘missing information’ that you have to buy in order to make the process work.

The original Underachiever method recommended putting up an “ask campaign”. You bought traffic and sent it to a website with a short survey on it. If there was enough traffic and interest to validate the market, you went and made a product. The current refinement of the process involves quickly building a blog and promoting an existing affiliate product on it. Then, you use social bookmarking and other web 2.0 tactics to direct traffic to this site rather than pay-per-click ads.

Like the original training, if the test performs well, you then build a product of your own for the niche and start selling it.

In addition to this core strategy, Ed also provides an amazing series of lessons on the subject of social marketing. He demonstrates, in detail, how to use tools like Friend Feed, Facebook, and Twitter to develop a huge network of connecting points where your audience can connect with your messages. He shows you how to use each social networking tool for the task it is best at performing. This content is worth check out on its own.

You are probably wondering (like I did) why in the world Ed Dale would give away all of this training for free. Well, get a few days into the training and you start to see him promoting different tools and services – all of which he’ll get a commission from, I’m sure. But, he always shows you how to get the job done with free tools, so you are never stuck if you choose not to buy something. Plus they also provide several free trials for critical tools so you can use them during the challenge and then later pay for them after you achieve your initial success. I downloaded the trial version of Marketing Samurai and wasn’t required to give away anything more than me name and email address.

Another bonus for Ed is that everyone he teaches is connecting to his network of RSS feeds and email lists. So, that valuable collection of Internet marketing newbies will surely be worth many dollars in the future – particularly when they credit Ed Dale with their first real business success online.

So, if you’ve missed out on all the big product launches this year because you didn’t have the thousands of dollars required to get onboard, jump on the 30 Day Challenge training. There is great content here for the intermediate marketer and it is absolute gold for the novice.

I still recommend it for the advanced marketer as well, but more for the purpose of watching how Ed Dale uses the YouTube video platform to pull in new participants, how he organizes a highly polished presentation of the content on his website, how he builds a subscriber base by teaching people how to use the tools, and how he uses Twitter and his blog to keep the story going during the 30 days. It’s a well designed and operated program.

The 30 days is already underway, but you can go back through the previous content and get caught-up pretty quickly. Your effort will be rewarded.

If you are listening to the podcast version of this review, visit us online at www dot go-to guy enterprises dot com.

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