Integration Marketing – The Next Big Buzz Word

Mark Joyner is rolling out a new website called and giving away a copies of his new book on the subject to everyone who creates a free account at the website.

I’ve signed up, downloaded the book, and checked everything out for you, and in a moment I will tell you what I discovered. But first, I want to make sure you know who Mark Joyner is.

Mark Joyner started marketing in the Internet way back in the 1990’s. He’s been in it from the beginning and has written a number of popular books including “Mind Control Marketing” (one of my favorites) and “The Irresistible Offer”. A quick search on the name Mark Joyner at Amazon will pull up a number of books he’s written or in which he’s been written about.

In the past few years Mark has been working on his Simplology membership website as a platform for helping people become more effective in their businesses and their lives.

Integration Marketing – The Next Big Idea places Mark Joyner squarely back in the world of Internet marketing once again.

So, after checking everything out, here is what I thought if it all:

Integration Marketing is a brilliant concept. When you sign-up at the website, you are taken through a step-by-step internal integration marketing process and Mark Joyner explains what is happening every step of the away – like one of those masked magicians who reveals the secrets behind his tricks. It’s the best way to understand the concept (and Mark also pitches a product as well.) I recommend signing up just to see the whole process in action.

The “Integration Marketing” book is also excellent. Mark admits up front that he did not invent Integration Marketing, but rather observed it in action and realized that there had not been anyone yet who had written a clear study of the subject.

In my experience, Mike Filsaime’s “Butterfly Marketing Manuscript” is the closest thing to a book on the subject of Integration Marketing (and Mike is a big fan and friend of Mark Joyner – so no surprises there.) His latest product is completely focused on providing integration tools to his customers to boost their traffic and sales and it has long been a staple in his marketing process. There might be other books on the subject , but I haven’t come across them so far.

You do not have to do anything more than sit through the sign-up marketing sequence to get a free digital copy of the book. According to the site, the book will be published in a few months through traditional book outlets, but the electronic version is available now.

The Integration Marketing book is 49 pages long and is broken into 3 parts: The core idea, strategic implementation, and advanced techniques and examples for using Integration Marketing. It’s not fluff or relentless sales pitches. This book is pure content that you can put to work without buying anything else. Chapter 8 even leads you through a process that Mark has developed to evaluate Integration Marketing deals to minimize the guesswork involved in the process and increasing your probability of success.

Getting the book is a ‘no-brainer decision.’ Just click the link below and sign up at the website.

Claim Your Copy of “Integration Marketing”, by Mark Joyner.

Once inside the website, the book can be found by clicking the ‘Products’ link on the upper right corner of the page. But, the real genius behind what Mark has done is the website itself. It is a hub for marketers to share opportunities for Integration Marketing. The ‘Deal Board’ lets you post an opportunity to the community or find one offered by someone else to integrate in your own business.

This is the most brilliant part of the whole promotion. Mark Joyner is creating a whole community around the concept. If it takes off, I’m sure it will be a major resource in the marketing community.

There are about 11,000 people signed up as I write this article and there are only 30 posts on the boards for integration opportunities, but I’m sure that will improve as the whole promotion gains traction. Mark seems to be avoiding the massive “event launch” process being used by many in the Internet marketing community.

Claim Your Copy of “Integration Marketing“, by Mark Joyner and carefully study his marketing process during the sign-up sequence. This is a man who has made millions online and his methods are worth studying.

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