First Look: Frank Kern’s Crowd Control Course

I purchased Frank Kern’s Mass Control course back in early 2008 when he did his first big launch of the course. As I sat in my living room – American Express card in my hand – after charging nearly $2000, I felt a twinge of fear. That ‘little voice’ in my started talking…

…”you just wasted a huge amount of money – sucker.”

We’ve all been there at some point after making a big purchase – wondering whether a fast-talking salesman just picked our pocket or if we actually made a smart investment.

Fortunately, the little voice was WRONG this time. Mass Control turned out to be an amazingly good investment in my marketing education…

…and my investment just got a whole lot better! Let me explain.

The latest relaunch of Mass Control is a new physical version of the course (the original was delivered online.) One of the new bonuses added to the package to ‘sweeten’ the deal is a 3-DVD course called Crowd Control. I was starting to regret investing in the first version of the course (because I wanted this bonus), but that was a short-lived feeling…

…One of the great surprises that has come with being a Mass Control customer is that Frank Kern continues to add value to my original purchase well beyond anything I was initially promised.

Shortly before the latest Mass Control promotion, I got an email from Frank Kern announcing that all original customers of Mass Control would be getting a free copy of the new physical version of the course when it came out (he didn’t even charge for shipping the 10 pound box of materials.) So…

…I also got a copy of Crowd Control!

As I write this, I just got through watching the first DVD in Crowd Control and I am completely blown away.

The primary objective of this course is to teach you how to use powerful (and subtle) psychological persuasion techniques to sell to people in live environments and through online video.

The teaching method used in the course involves Frank showing a presentation he gave as an object lesson. He outlines what his persuasion goals were for the presentation and then breaks it down by explaining exactly what he does at each step of the process and why. He describes a technique, explains how it works, and then you watch the next part of the presentation where he uses it in front of an audience or in an online video.

If there was ever a doubt in my mind that Frank Kern is a brilliant marketer, the breakdown of the Core Influence presentation that he uses as his first example would have killed it.

I remember the first time I watched a recording of the Core Influence presentation. It looks like Frank Kern is giving a loose and (somewhat) rough presentation to the crowd at a marketing seminar. But, it turns out to be an intricately engineered experience. Every gesture, every story, every question has a specific purpose for being there and the Crowd Control course explains it all.

The next DVD in the Crowd Control course focuses on translating those live event techniques to online videos – which figure prominently in the Mass Control system.

Previously, I had seen another impressive video where Frank broke-down a sales letter and explained how and why each component worked. This presentation followed the same process as that earlier video and I found it to be a powerful teaching approach.

After watching this DVD, I am completely loaded-up now with an understanding of concepts like anchoring, pattern interrupts, and trance inductions and how to use them to create powerfully persuasive videos.

Crowd Control is an impressive educational resource that could easily stand on its own. It does not provide the same type of step-by-step systems as the Mass Control course, but it explains some incredibly powerful concepts in a way that lets you see how you can put them into action yourself.

Frank Kern continues to add huge value to the Mass Control investment I made (he just started a ‘List-Getting’ video course online as well that’s equally impressive). Every new training course he releases pulls back the cover on the techniques he actively uses.

Learning exactly how Frank Kern persuaded me to make that $2000 investment in Mass Control back in 2008 makes me glad he is so good at what he does (and that I don’t always listen to that little voice in my head!)