e-Junkie Tutorial: Alternate Affiliate Landing Pages

Learn how to create alternate landing pages for your affiliates to promote using the e-Junkie shopping cart. This video tutorial shows the process step-by-step and a free downloadable PDF version and script generator software are included.


The E-Junkie ecommerce shopping cart is an excellent shopping cart solution with a build in affiliate program. I currently use it to automate the sales and fulfillment of nearly all of my digital products (and it works well for selling physical goods too.) I even wrote an e-book called Selling Digital Goods with e-Junkie to show help ecommerce newbies get up and running fast.

In my experience, one of the biggest limitations in for the e-Junkie system is the inability to direct affiliate traffic to alternate landing pages using the hoplink tools. Every product gets one landing page. But, there is relatively easy work-around and this tutorial will walk you through the process step-by-step.

Here Is Why Alternate Landing Pages Are So Important

Think back to the last big product launch you saw. What was the first thing you were referred to by an affiliate? It was probably a video, a special report, some software, or a free webinar. The affiliate talked about this ‘great piece of training content’ from an ‘amazingly talented guru.’ What you didn’t get was a direct affiliate link to a product sales page.

Sound familiar? There’s a good reason for promoting this way. It quickly builds the authority of the guru thanks to all the glowing praise from affiliates (and comments on the free content pages.) It also invokes the reciprocity effect which makes people more likely to want to eventually purchase the high-end product being pitched later (my Six Secrets Newsletter to teaching this kind of sales psychology.)

Bottom line… This Stuff works!!!

In this e-junkie video tutorial I show an easy work-around that will let you do “guru-style” promotions where your affiliates can drive traffic to an alternate page on your site using their hoplink code – so the visitors get cookied by the affiliate software. Later, when you make your offer, they will still earn their commissions (and they only had to promote your cool free content.)


Click Here to Download Script Generator and PDF Version

After you click the Facebook ‘Like Button’ above, the link to the download files will be revealed. The PDF document and script generator software are in a Zip file. Download and unzip the files. The PDF file provides a print version of the video tutorial and the executable file (PC only – Mac users will need to use an emulator). The software will generate the PHP code for you to use to create your new ‘product landing page.’

If you have any questions, leave a comment below. I will answer questions here so others can reference the comments in the future.

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