3 Ways To Make Money On The Internet

Trying to figure out how to make money online?

Read this article and you will “Get Internet Marketing.” You will understand exactly how the business models for companies like Google, Facebook, and thousands of others work. Now there is still plenty of ground to cover between ‘getting it’ and ‘doing it’ successfully. Your specific path will differ because of your unique talents, desires, etc.

The 3 Ways To Make Money Online

1. Make something and sell it
2. Attract an audience/following and sell access to them
3. Provide a service

Every single secret trick, underground money-making system, etc. will fall into one of these 3 broad categories. They are specific tactics and techniques for building a business – but the business will ultimately fit into one of the three models.

Let me flesh the 3 ways out just a bit…

Make Something And Sell It – You can create information products, software, videos, ebooks, audio recordings, or physical goods. You can make it yourself, hire the work out to a freelancer, or lease an office building and hire staff. This model could also include licensing someone elses product or retailing products purchased wholesale from a supplier. The bottom line is that you profit from selling something and are responsible for fulfilling the orders.

Attract an Audience/Following and Sell Access To Them – This is the business model of television networks, newspapers, magazines, radio networks, bloggers, podcasters, and more. Your business is to attract a following and the work you do is focused on that. Once people are coming to you for something, then you can monetize the traffic in lots of ways. You can make affiliate offers, sell ad space, run CPA offers, etc. Many people start here, sell other peoples products, and then develop their own and become product sellers too.

Provide a Service – This one is as simple as it sounds. Figure out a beneficial task you (or people you hire) can do, and then offer to do it for other people. Create transcripts, write articles, post comments, answer customer support questions, make videos, create backlinks, and the list goes on and on. Bottom line, you get paid to perform some sort of task – no work, no pay. It’s an easy way to get started, but can be tough to scale up the business (you only have so many hours to work and hiring others requires a certain level of management skill which everyone does not possess.)

The Thread That Binds Them All…

Traffic generation is a common need, regardless of the business model you choose. Every business needs leads. You might use PPC, online/offline classifieds, SEO, WSO’s, ad swaps, or even signs on a stick hammered into the ground on the side of the road. Whatever way you can think of that cost-effectively gets new people connected to your business is a viable method.


It is easy to get lost in the thousands of shiny magic button products that you see advertised. They are usually focused on #1 or #2 oriented businesses. Or, they are some method to get cheap/easy access to new prospects. If you can decide early on which of the three money making methods is most appealing for you, it will help you start to filter the various information that comes your way as you build your business and learn.

I personally make money using all 3 models. I have content websites monetized with affiliate offers and advertising revenue. I also have several email newsletters that do the same thing. I’ve created ebooks, videos, and templates that I sell. And, sometimes, I pick up extra money doing consulting, creating videos and audios for people, or writing articles and ebooks as a freelancer.

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