Mass Control: Frank Kern Got My Wallet

Okay, technically John Reese hooked me first and then handed the fishing pole over to Frank Kern to reel me into the Mass Control boat!

If you hang out in the Internet Marketing world at all, you’ve heard about Mass Control (over and over again!) Frank Kern has been marketing this course for the past couple weeks and cranking out some really high value freebies as part of his pre-launch buildup. Day after day he kept getting in front of me using his Mass Control techniques to sell a course on the subject.

It worked! My Amex card is now $1997 US heavier than it was last night. With my wife’s blessing, I braved the server resets and page time-out messages to get through to the order page and enter my details. I couldn’t access the site right away, but I got a confirmation email – so, I’m in! After a while I got the message that I would get all of the bonuses and Frank’s team got my account info sorted out so I could finally access the site.

I have no idea if I am really ready for all of this, but am impressed with the ‘Mass Control in Action’ I’ve seen as Frank used the techniques in his pre-launch campaign. The other launches he has masterminded (like Stompernet) were also brilliant and successful. I didn’t want to miss the chance to study with the master (scarcity in action!!!)

Over the coming weeks I plan to write about my experiences as a student of Mass Control. There is going to be a lot of work ahead, and I’ve got plenty of other competition for my time. I’ll let you know whether I spent my money wisely.

Wish me luck.

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24 thoughts on “Mass Control: Frank Kern Got My Wallet”

  1. This is one of the products that really helped me start earning a living from my online marketing efforts. I like Frank as a teacher, and most of his products seem to deliver valuable contributions.

  2. Dean wrote: The only way to make money in the internet marketing game is to sell these make “money off the internet” products.

    Deano- That IS the internet marketing game.


  3. Dean,

    I found the content of the Mass Control course to be extremely valuable and very well laid out. If you can create a product with that kind of quality and not do any work – I want to know how!!! (I believe Frank works a lot harder – and studies a lot more – than he lets on in has marketing stories.)

    You’re welcome to your opinion of Frank and his work, but I respectfully disagree. I got far more than my money’s worth from this course.


  4. You guys fell for it again. The only way to make money in the internet marketing game is to sell these make “money off the internet” products. Frank will reap the rewards of those who refuse to work.. Just like Frank.

  5. Carl,

    I’ll be sending you out a copy of the report shortly.

    My thoughts on Jeff’s launch were very similar to yours. His first real piece of content was a bunch of case studies that seemed to be more ‘social proof’ oriented than the teaser/amazing free info that Frank was cranking out.

    Plus, Frank is also a natural on camera and that is not one of Jeff’s strengths. Still, the man got the job done (and the later videos were pretty awesome.)

    Get yourself a copy of “Influence: The Science of Persuasion”, by Robert Cialdini. The information in that book is the core of all of these marketing systems. Learn the psychology behind it all and then you can start applying it to your business. And develop your own killer marketing system.

    Thanks for the kind words about the blog. I’m trying to put together some real value here (make sure to sign up for the announcement list or subscribe to the RSS feed.)

    Look for that email soon,


  6. Hey Andrew,

    Just browsing around looking for scraps of Mass Control that I can pick up hear and there. I was on the list but unfortunately was not able to be on the table. My budget has already been tapped for the time being. I was doing a search for “the 4 day cash machine” and found you.

    I was very impressed with what Frank provided but so far am a little disappointed in Jeff. Not that he doesn’t have a great product. It just seems that Frank pulled it off a little smoother than Jeff did.

    Anyway, I was wondering if you needed another beta tester from a Mass Control wannabe student. I have a small but growing list, but no product of my own yet.

    Great blog by the way!!!


  7. Sean,

    Sorry to distract you from working, but I’m glad you enjoyed the case study.

    I’ll send you a draft copy of my beta-test plan, but you will probably need to adapt it a bit to make it work for you.

    If your list is made up of marketers, I would recommend you put together a promotion aimed at recruiting them as affiliates for your products. Then, focus on helping them get the word out for your launch day.

    One tactic used by many Product Launch style marketers is to create a high quality giveaway report and put a squeeze page on your site for it. Then, have your affiliates drive their customers to the free download page where a cookie is placed on their computers and they sign up for your launch list.

    Leverage those 400 leads to get you 800 to 1000 leads for launch.

    Watch your email for a copy of my report. I’ll send it later today.

    Good Luck,


  8. Hi Andrew,

    I am a marketing trainer in Malaysia just planning to start biz online. I have a good list of customer with their emails (around 400 of them).

    I also have my own info products handy.

    Do you think it is workable with your beta-test plan?

    By the way, really enjoy reading your 4 day cash machine case studies. It got me distracted from my plan of working tonight 🙂


  9. ErnieB,

    I just sent you an email with the most current version of the plan. I am currently running my first promotion through the process and taking notes.

    There are two more promotions in the works and I will be using them to refine the idea and get a good some real-world data.

    I look forward to your feedback,


  10. If still interested, i would like to put your plan to test and will gladly provide feedback/testimonial. THANKS

  11. Carl,

    Check your email. I’ve just sent you a copy of the draft version of my plan to raise the cash for my Mass Control course.

    I would appreciate your feedback and, if you like what you read, a testimonial to use when I eventually promote this ebook.


  12. Hey Andrew,

    I just discovered this page. If you’re still looking for people to test your plan, I’d be willing to do it. I too am a Mass Control customer. However, I do not yet have a product or list. I am studying the materials in preparation for when I am up and running with a list.



  13. Andrew,

    I would like to beta test your plan in exchange for a testimonial. Sounds like a plan.


  14. Did you miss out on the Mass Control course (either because it was too expensive or it sold out before you could get in?) Now you can learn the powerful concepts behind the Mass Control System at a fraction of the price.

    Check out: Mass Control Revealed


  15. Bright Spark,

    I remember one piece of the pre-launch promotion emphasizing that you needed to have at least done the work required to build a list in order to benefit from much of the material – and that is 100% true.

    This is not a course for marketing beginners.

    I’m really excited by the quantity and quality of the information in the course. This is great stuff that IS going to make a lot of money for me, even if it takes a little longer than the 4 weeks to get it all rolling.

    I’m working on the final case study for the 4 Day Cash Machine experiment right now (I’ve got a couple other priority items going on at the same time, so it’s taking a little while to finish up the evaluation.) Look for the update later this week.


  16. Hi Andrew,

    Here’s another who forked out for Frank’s Mass Control course. Bought in on the claim that you will make your money back in the first week, easily. Frank’s assistant just omitted the “oh, but you have to have a list” part.

    There is a lot of great material to go through, but I am really disappointed though with the lack of responses when you have genuine serious questions about the material and it’s implementation.

    I am also very interested to here about your outcome of the 4 day cash machine, and your biz idea.

  17. Todd,

    Thanks for the feedback. I’ve got lots of good ideas from the Mass Control training about how to market this new idea and I am working on a product to run through the process as a case study (which will also figure into any eventual product launch.) I told my wife I was going to make a grand by the end of the week, so I have my work cut out for me.

    I wish you lots of luck with your plans for recouping your investment. I’m building my lists too, so JV’s are definitely in the future.

    Stay focused on your plan. Focus is usually the missing ingredient in most people’s marketing exploits.

    Feel free to email me if there is anything you think I can help you with.


  18. Hey Andrew, thanks for the idea. It sounds very well thought out, and certainly looks marketable. I would think using your idea and a little mass control, you could do a pretty good launch. I will be watching for that. Keep me in mind for affiliate stuff. Maybe we can breed a new era of IM’s! I still have a lot to do, but I keep chipping away at the stone. I will let you know if (when) I implement this. I need to stay focused on one thing at a time. There is so much info that I find myself going here, then going there, and back again, and never really getting anything done. I have my immidiate plan for paying for the course. I am going to try it, and if it works, I can take a breath and know that I can do it again. Thanks again for the email. definitely keep in touch. Maybe someday we can JV.


  19. Todd,

    Check your email. I sent you a draft of my plan earlier this afternoon.

    I’ve discussed this idea with a few people before, but you’re the first one to see it spelled out like this…I’m not sure if that’s a good thing for you.

    I look forward to your feedback and I really hope we can both put this to use and earn the cash we need while building up the mailing lists we need as well!


  20. Todd,

    It sounds like we are in somewhat similar situations. I wanted in on the training and am EXTREMELY impressed with the quality of the material Frank has put together. But, I got in without the money to pay off the credit card. But, I have a plan…

    I will send you an email outlining how I plan to earn the money for the course. I’d love some feedback – and a testimonial if you decide to follow my lead.

    In the past few months I’ve gotten very comfortable knowing that I can generate a few grand quickly if I need too. It’s not my long term business plan, but a good way to raise needed capital for projects.

    If anyone else out there wants to beta-test my plan, leave a comment on this thread.


  21. I too bought the program. It is a lot of what seems to be valueable info. I think I jumped on to sood to something like this. I don’t have a product or list. I am looking at however his ideas about trying to use some of these strategies (4 Day Cash) on companies who are established, for a piece of the pie. I have to get something rolling. I promised my wife if I didn’t make at least the amount to pay for the course, then I would get my money back as it is guaranteed for 45 days. I REALLY don’t want to do that. I want to have access to this stuff. We will see. I go up and down with the enthusiasm.


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