Frank Kern’s Mass Control – Initial Impressions of the Course

My experience with Mass Control got off to a bumpy start because of server problems they were having on launch day. I couldn’t log in right away because the payment system didn’t automatically update my membership account to give me access. I sent off a note with my email payment receipt and, within a few hours, Frank and company had me up and running. There were still intermittent connection problems that first day as they rolled everything over to a new server, but I was able to start looking around at the content.

Within a few days, all of the bonus content was up and running as well (and there is a serious chunk of quality stuff included here.)

When it comes to sheer quantity and quality of content, wow is the first word that came to mind. Frank Kern has opened up the vaults to provide access to some great audio, video, and text materials. A full set of videos from his Underachiever Seminar in Melbourne, Australia (done with Ed Dale) is included along with the promotional materials created to launch the product. It serves as both a huge bonus item and as an object lesson with swipe files to illustrate the techniques of the Mass Control process. There are also a number of audios with various folks like John Reese talking about their product launches and audios and videos of some of Frank’s early presentations of the Mass Control material. Each piece is either a discussion of the concepts at the heart of Mass Control or an illustration of a technique in action (and usually both!)

The first piece of content I spent time studying in depth was the ‘4 Day Cash Machine’ product that came as a fast action bonus. In the promotion for the Mass Control course, Frank talked about the possibility that putting this information to work could earn you back as much or more money than you spent on the course. Needing a way to pay back the money I used to buy Mass Control, I jumped right on it.

I’m going to focus my initial review on the ‘4 Day Cash Machine’ bonus because it illustrates the nature of the whole Mass Control course that Frank Kern has created.

First thing to note is that Frank was not lying during the pre-launch promotions when he said you really needed to have already done some list building work. Without some kind of a list, none of this works. The content he presents is not magic-bullet no-effort hype. Rather, he teaches you how to magnify the efforts you are already taking to earn even more money.

If you have read Influence: Science and Practice by Robert Cialdini (and if you haven’t, you should) you are probably very familiar with the concepts that form the core of Frank’s Mass Control teaching. He is zeroing in on human nature and how people behave when they make a buying decision. But, anyone who has read that book knows that there is a long distance between understanding a concept and implementing it effectively in your marketing process. In ‘4 Day Cash Machine’ Frank Kern does exactly that. He explains what you should do, tells you why you should do it, explains why people respond, he shows you a real-world example of the process, and then gives you cut-and-paste templates for implementing it in your own business. The first module in the Mass Control content is setup in the same way. The only excuse for failure is pure laziness.

The basic concept of ‘4 Day Cash Machine’ is to run a limited time sale – not an earth shattering concept. The business world is awash with examples of running sales to drum up business. There are liquidation sales, after Christmas sales, white sales, customer appreciation sales, and many more! The difference here is that Frank shows you what you must do to run an email promoted sale effectively (remember, he said you needed a list.) Even better, he shows you what you DON’T need to do so you avoid wasting time doing work that doesn’t improve results. And, best of all, he gives a cut-and-paste template for the emails and sales pages that (with a couple minor tweaks) can be used on any promotion.

My list building efforts have been a bit stagnant lately, so I’m not sure if I can generate thousands of dollars at this point, but I have decided on a test campaign that should prove whether this specific approach has merit. I have an old/almost dead list of about 350 people and resale rights to a great audio seminar that hasn’t sold anything for me in months (the sales page gets some traffic, but I haven’t promoted it much and the copy needs some serious work.) This list has gotten a promotion for this product before, but it has been over 8 months since the last one. I plan to setup the sale and see if I get any takers.

Even though the sales copy needs work, I’m only planning to run the sale with the specific changes that Frank suggests. I want to test the concept first, and changing 2 elements at once makes it tough to determine which is responsible for improved results.

If you want to see this promotion in action, sign-up for the email update list for this blog and you’ll get all the emails when it goes live. The sign-up box is on the left side of this page. (If you are listening to the podcast version of this post, visit www dot go to guy enterprises dot com to join the email update list.) After the sale, I will write a case study about my results.

Now, I need to dig into the rest of Mass Control module one so I can do my homework and submit my questions for the upcoming teleconference call on Saturday.

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