Mass Control – 4 Day Cash Machine Experiment Part 2

Today is the second day of my ‘4 Day Cash Machine’ test promotion. ‘4 Day Cash Machine’ came as a bonus module when I purchased Frank Kern’s Mass Control course (check out this video of a wicked automated implementation of the 4DCM).

The second email in the 4 email sequence went out just after midnight last night (eastern standard time.) As I mentioned in Mass Control – 4 Day Cash Machine Experiment Part 1, I am giving this technique a very hard test by using a cold and unresponsive list to promote a product they’ve already had pitched to them about 8 months ago. If it works with a weak list, it should be insanely successful with a strong list.

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So, here is where things stand as of the middle of day 2.

Mailing # 1:

  • 377 emails sent in total
  • 34 emails bounced giving an effective delivery of 343 emails delivered
  • 7 people unsubscribed from the list
  • 2.6% open-up rate based on delivered emails (open rates are highly unreliable these days, but I decided to go ahead and include them)

Mailing #2:

  • 361 emails sent in total (I did not remove bounces but did scrub out some duplicates I found)
  • 35 emails bounced giving an effective delivery of 326 emails
  • 2 people unsubscribed from the list
  • .6% open-up rate based on delivered emails

Results after 2 mailings:

  • 3 page views on the special offer sales page
  • 0 orders
  • $0.00 earned to date

These results are not surprising to me given my relationship with the list being used. They haven’t heard from me in a long time and the first thing they are getting is a series of promotions. I’m sure I could have improved results a little had I spent some time warming up the list by delivering some great free content first. I was actually surprised to see single digit unsubscribe rates. But that might have to do with a pretty weak open up rate for each mailing. I suspect many of the email addresses I got on this list were ‘junk mail’ addresses to begin with, so their owners may not check them regularly for new email.

The open and click-through rates for this campaign will likely change over time. So, when I do my case-study summary at the end of the promotion, I will include revised final totals for every mailing.

If I see some sales activity or a significant change in the overall campaign performance, I’ll post another follow-up article. Otherwise, look for my case study summary after the promotion closes on midnight, February 14th.

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