What To Sell During A Recession

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    The financial news is pretty clear these days: The United States economy is in a deep recession and the world economy is coming along for the ride. To many, it seems like a bad time to try and sell products online – but they couldn’t be more wrong.

    An interesting thing happened on ‘Black Monday.’ As the bottom fell out of the stock market and trillions of dollars in investor wealth vanished into thin air, I actually had a pretty good day in my information publishing business. I made sales as an affiliate, I sold some products from my own product line, and I earned income from ads on my various blogs and websites. (Of course, I lost plenty of money on my investment portfolio!)

    People may change their focus and priorities during a recession, but they don’t stop buying things.

    When people are feeling ‘rich’ and there is plenty of cash and credit floating around, you don’t have to try hard to sell products. Even lazy marketers can make a few bucks riding trends and copying other people’s marketing methods.

    But, when fear grips the markets (and people’s wallets) you have to have spend a little more time and energy to find or create the products that will sell.

    What Will People Buy Right Now?

    Think for a minute about what your friends and family are discussing right now when it comes to the economy and their jobs. Many are probably trimming back spending on ‘luxury’ items. Others are trying to stretch the useful life of products they have been just throwing out and replacing in the past.

    Instead of a new car, it’s new brakes on the old car. Maybe you know someone who is learning to cook and bake from scratch to avoid the cost of expensive pre-packaged foods in order to stretch the grocery money a little further each week. You may even know people who are scrambling to trim their lifestyle and sell off non-essential items in their homes to keep up the payments on a house after their spouse lost a job.

    In every one of these cases and more there are opportunities for smart marketers. Information about car repair, selling on eBay, and meal planning are easy sells in a difficult economic climate. You can also teach people how to make things for themselves to save money (think knitting, sewing, crochet, woodworking, etc.)

    There is also a huge market for ‘frugal living’ resources. These folks may not like to spend money on store-bought cleaning products, clothes, and packaged foods, but they will buy inexpensive info products that teach them how to make their own versions of popular products for pennies.

    Plenty of people are in desperate need of credit and budget counseling too. It is amazing how few people actually know how to create a household budget and use it. I don’t know many. You can get away without this kind of knowledge when times are good, but when the money pool dries up, these are the skills that keep you from going bankrupt. If you know anything on the subject, now is the time to get that information into a product.

    The ‘Recession Buster’ Package is On The Way

    I’m working on a special “Recession Buster” package that is going to put together an amazing collection of products for walking anyone through the process of starting up their own information publishing business. It will be available to subscribers of the IM Insights newsletter in a few days. (Only newsletter subscribers will receive this offer, so subscribe to the free course using the form on the right side of this web page to get the sale announcement. You’ll get an awesome e-course too!)

    Keep watching your emails, the ‘Recession Buster’ package will only be available for 4 days. So, you’ll need to move fast to take advantage of this amazing deal (over 75% off of my normal sales prices.)

    Real value is created in our economy when people like you and me create new and valuable products and sell them to others who need them. As our businesses grow, we pay for things like payment processing, web hosting, and software. We also hire bookkeepers and other folks to manage our business. We purchase computers, video cameras, audio recorders, and more to create new products to sell. And, the list goes on.

    In short, it’s people like you and me getting to work that will ultimately start rebuilding this shattered economy. I hope, through the “Recession Buster” package, to help you get a jump start on doing your part without breaking the piggy bank in the process.

    Don’t let a recession get you down. Let it inspire you to create instead.

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    Only mean kids don't share...

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