What To Sell During A Recession: Part 2 – Little Luxuries

There has been a tremendous response to the first article on what to sell during a recession and it has sparked a number of interesting conversations. One of these conversations revolved around the topic of how people who have filled their lives with luxuries like expensive cars, clothes, club memberships, etc. satisfy their urge for luxury when they lose the means to support the habit.

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What To Sell During A Recession

The financial news is pretty clear these days: The United States economy is in a deep recession and the world economy is coming along for the ride. To many, it seems like a bad time to try and sell products online – but they couldn’t be more wrong.

An interesting thing happened on ‘Black Monday.’ As the bottom fell out of the stock market and trillions of dollars in investor wealth vanished into thin air, I actually had a pretty good day in my information publishing business. I made sales as an affiliate, I sold some products from my own product line, and I earned income from ads on my various blogs and websites. (Of course, I lost plenty of money on my investment portfolio!)

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