Can You Really Make 6 Figures Overnight…

Does your email inbox get flooded with hyped-up emails that promise to show you how to make thousands of dollars overnight with no effort or experience…

…if only you send some money and learn some new ‘secret magical Internet trick‘!!!

It hasn’t worked like that for me and I’ll bet that hasn’t happened to you either. In fact, it has been just the opposite experience for me.

I’ve spent years learning how to build a business online. My first website went live in January 2005. But, instead of big overnight floods of cash, my income has grown steadily over time – mostly from small sources.

Starting from scratch with no existing business or experience online, there is very little chance that you will experience one of those huge paydays that get talked about all the time. You will have to learn a few things first – sorry to have to break the bad news.

Some people certainly experience those big pay days, but they are the exception and not the rule (and most had some insider help they don’t talk about.)

My first year marketing online generated less than $30 in revenue and cost far more than that in expenses. I learned some very valuable lessons, but there were no instant Adsense fortunes or affiliate marketing riches…

…but some of the projects I started back then have grown to generate steady profits.

One website that I created that first year has grown to the point where it generates a steady annual income. Last year it earned $315.34 in advertising revenue with no new content or marketing – just a few tweaks to the look of the site to keep it fresh.

Another site, that grew out of a blog post I made that first year, earned $1,752.65 from advertising revenue and the promotion of one affiliate product. It generated other income as well that is a little harder to track, so I can’t give detailed figures – but it is at least another $50-$100.

Those are not stellar numbers. Nobody is going to pay me $2000 to learn the secrets to my success ( here is the short version: research a niche, build a website, add advertising and affiliate promotions, generate traffic with article marketing and other conventional sources.) But, just imagine what would happen…

…if you built up 50-100 websites that generated that kind of income (or spent time nurturing a few winners to maximum profits.) You could build a respectable business and maybe even quit your day job.

This is what happens for a significant number of the people who start taking action and building an online business. They work in their spare time learning how to create a small auto-pilot profit. Then, they grow that portion of the business or create another profit stream to add to the first until it all grows large enough to replace their regular income.

I have just created a new potential revenue stream that builds on a niche website I created a couple years ago ( if you want to see what I’m talking about.) The site itself was created with content that I had purchased the rights to, some videos found on YouTube, and a few articles I wrote myself.

The website has been published for a while and has developed a small, but consistent, level of traffic. I’ve made some income from advertising and an occasional affiliate product sale, but I have completely revamped the strategy for the site.

The site is now focused on driving visitors to watch a short video meant to entice them to sign-up to an email mailing list in order to view the full video. The header of the site pitches the video and sign-up forms are being added in other places as well.

I’ve removed the Adsense advertising and most of the other promotions that had previously been on the site in order to focus attention on the free video.

Once a visitor signs up to watch the free video, they receive an automated sequence of emails with tips on the main topic and a subtle pitch for an affiliate product.

After the initial sequence of daily tips, the subscriber will get a periodic mix of tips and promotions of related products (some are products I created and others are products I am an affiliate for.)

If the site shows good results, I will develop some new products to take the place of the affiliate products, do some testing to determine conversion rates and lifetime visitor value from the site, and recruit affiliates of my own to promote the site and boost traffic to my offers.

The whole thing functions as a market test as well as an income stream. I can even conduct surveys with my subscribers if things work out well.

I think this combination of video content and email sequences will be effective and plan to try it on some of my non-marketing/business niche sites as well (I’ve got something very specific in mind for one of my most profitable niches. I just need to find time to create the content and put everything in place.)

Give the site a look and let me know what you think. If you have tested similar promotional strategies, I’d like to know what kind of results you got and if you have suggestions for improving the marketing sequence I have created.

If you have any questions about what I did, leave a comment and I’ll answer as best I can.

2 thoughts on “Can You Really Make 6 Figures Overnight…”

  1. Alex,

    Thanks for weighing in.

    I’ve been guilty of working on projects in isolation as well… it’s easy to get sidetracked. The good news, though, is that you can build on what you’ve done once you get focused.

    Creating a sales funnel and building a list are two of the best things you can do for the long term success of your business.


  2. Well that resonated with me. I’m now just working on building a proper sales funnel rather than just working on isolated projects. Frankly tho’ just following the steps you describe is enough…

    All The Best

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