Sell Like a Guru with E-Junkie

The big marketing gurus don’t sell their products directly through a sales letter. They use a variety of ‘soft-sell’ content pieces to build a relationship with a prospective customer before giving them the big sales pitch.

This approach is great for the guru’s affiliates because they don’t have to spend a lot of time ‘warming-up’ their audiences before sending them to the guru’s website. They just have to point to the awesome new freebie that the guru has released and let the guru do the selling. Continue reading “Sell Like a Guru with E-Junkie”

Review: E-Junkie E-Commerce Shopping Cart

Searching for an e-commerce solution for your Internet business? E-Junkie’s shopping cart system may be the online selling solution you’ve been looking for.

One of the first big decisions that any new Internet business faces is figuring out how to sell and deliver products. Simple solutions like PayPal’s ‘Buy Now’ button and shopping cart tools are attractive because they are free to setup and easy to use. But, they come with some very severe limitations. They don’t have secure digital product delivery options (you have to set that up separately with 3rd party software on your own server), there are no tools for processing sales/VAT taxes or shipping charges, and there are no tools for running an affiliate program.
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