WordPress Is Destroying Your Business

I am a WordPress fan. Over the years I have built dozens of sites using it and made thousands of dollars helping others do the same. But…

this webpage has got me thinking that WordPress might be a big mistake for online business!

If you have ever spent a few hours hunting down the Best WordPress Plugins for anything from SEO to security (or hired someone to do it for you) the message on this webpage will be a cold ‘slap in the face’.

They hide the hardest truths at the bottom of the page because they know that devoted WordPress fanatics like me will need to prepare ourselves before seeing the reality behind the choices we have made…

…Free is NOT FREE and your business is suffering from the flawed decision you made to build it with WordPress Blogging software.

Are you prepared to take off your rose-colored WordPress-is-awesome glasses and see the truth about how much free software really costs?

Click Here Now and discover the difference between building a blog with free software and building a business.

Now, I’ve got to go do a little more thinking about some of the choices I’ve made…

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