What Is The Product Launch Formula™

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    The Product Launch Formula™ is a marketing course developed by Jeff Walker. His training program teaches people how to create and execute web-based event-style marketing promotions.

    Some of the key features of a Product Launch Formula™ style promotion are:

    • The launch is an event
    • The promotional materials are delivered over a span of days or weeks
    • Social feedback from comments/tweets/likes/etc. are vital
    • Generally utilize lots of video content
    • Offer is limited by time or quantity

    The marketing strategy behind Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula™ training is well established. Apple has historically used a very similar approach when launching new products and Hollywood does it every time a new movie is released. If you would like a detailed look at the specific product launch process used by Apple and Hollywood, check out our e-book: Product Launch Case Studies. It is available for free at Smashwords.

    Many online businesses have followed the Product Launch Formula™ with varying levels of success either by studying the course directly or modeling a promotion after the marketing campaign Jeff Walker uses when he releases new versions of the Product Launch Formula™ course (he uses his own methods to great effect.)

    If you would like a detailed breakdown of the event-style product launch process and an exact promotional sequence you can use to plan your own marketing campaign, watch our free 52 minute training video:

    [video] Discover: How To Engineer a Buying Frenzy

    Have you used Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula™ in your business? Leave a comment below and tell me how it worked for you and whether you would recommend it to others…

    Only mean kids don't share...

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