How I Made My First $100 Online – And How You Can Copy My Success

CoverBefore I tell you how I earned my first $100 marketing online, let me start by telling you a bit about me. My name is Andrew Seltz. My nickname online (given to me by my wife) is The Go-To Guy! and I’ve got a pretty wide ranging  background. I got my first computer back in the mid-1980’s – a Commodore 64. In addition to playing video games, I taught myself a little programming. Later I went to college and studied filmmaking and animation. I mortgaged my soul to purchase an Amiga 2000 computer that I used to create 3D graphics and animation. Continue reading “How I Made My First $100 Online – And How You Can Copy My Success”

Consulting With Offline Businesses

Do you know how to create a marketing article? Do you know how to setup an autoresponder? Do you know about keyword research, or any other aspect of Internet marketing? If you know anything about marketing online then… Continue reading “Consulting With Offline Businesses”