Consulting With Offline Businesses

Do you know how to create a marketing article? Do you know how to setup an autoresponder? Do you know about keyword research, or any other aspect of Internet marketing? If you know anything about marketing online then…


I’ll bet you take your knowledge for granted (it happens to me all the time), but most people running small and medium sized businesses (and even some major companies) know nothing about selling online. As a result, they are missing out on a huge revenue source for their business…


Partnering with offline businesses and helping them develop online marketing systems for their business is a huge opportunity. They supply the products, all of the order processing and fulfillment, and the customer service. You come in and show them how to leverage the Internet to boost income (and take a cut of the sales.)

I’ve found a whole bunch of pre-packaged “offline business systems” on the market that provide websites and a basic business service package you can offer to offline businesses. I recently installed one of these on my own site and am in the process of customizing it for my business.

You can check out the basic website template I bought here:

That stuff is pretty cool, but I just came across a really amazing new product from “Product Launch Formula” creator Jeff Walker. He’s put together a training program that teaches marketers his extremely successful “Product Launch Formula” system and then shows how you can turn around and hire yourself out running launch campaigns for others – and collect a percentage of the sales as your commission! (Jeff does this very thing himself, which is why you don’t see him running around developing new ‘must-have’ marketing products. He sticks with what works.)

I’m not doing Jeff’s system justice. He has just released a series of videos that lays out what his consulting system is all about, along with some case studies from students. Go check out what he’s doing:

Watch Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Marketing Video**

Everything you have learned about marketing online is like magic to people who have never done it before. Your knowledge is extremely valuable to business owners who are not leveraging the Internet in their businesses. So, put your knowledge to work helping them!

**I am an affiliate for Jeff Walker. So, if you click this link and buy something, I’ll get a commission (and will likely blow it all on party dresses and hats for my little girls.) I’ve studied the Product Launch Formula myself and it is some of the best marketing information I have ever seen – so, I’m very confident recommending Jeff Walker as a teacher.

Go check out the videos and let me know what you think:

Watch Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Marketing Video**

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