A Successful Failure – My Seed Launch Story

I am a big fan of the movie Apollo 13. The NASA mission at the heart of that film was called a successful failure because they didn’t get to the moon, but the astronauts returned home alive. I want to tell you the story of my own successful failure. It’s not quite as epic, but very relevant to anyone doing business online. Continue reading “A Successful Failure – My Seed Launch Story”

Science of Touch: A 30 Second Selling Trick

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The ‘Secret Sauce’ of Product Launches

Every time Jeff Walker does a launch of his “Product Launch Formula” course, another round of intense discussion begins about the topic. Mixed in with all the ‘is it worth the money‘ arguments, there are also hundreds of conversations going on about what makes event-style product launches work in the first place.

You are about to learn the super-secret psychological triggers that are the rocket fuel that blast product launches through the stratosphere. Continue reading “The ‘Secret Sauce’ of Product Launches”

Consulting With Offline Businesses

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Case Study: Aweber UNLEASHED and the Product Launch Formula

I have a very exciting Product Launch Formula case study to share with you. It shows the kind of success you can achieve just by taking advantage of the free content given away by leading marketers when they launch their own training courses. Even using a fraction of the ‘Product Launch Formula’ or the ‘Mass Control’ process can yield big gains.

This case study is written by Earn 1k a Day‘ membership site where we continued to build our marketing businesses.

Michael is a very astute student of Internet marketing and I’ve had the privilege of watching as his efforts really began to pay off. Now, with his permission, I’m publishing his recent product launch case study here.

Case Study: Aweber UNLEASHED Training Video Launch, by Michael Gunn

I came VERY close to buying ‘Product Launch Formula 2.0’ (PLF2) last month, but at the last minute I decided not to. I just couldn’t afford it. Instead I decided to do a test. You see I had read a lot of posts both here (the ‘Warrior Forum’) and on E1kaD (the ‘Earn 1k a Day’ membership website) about the hype around PLF2 and the videos that Jeff Walker provided and that the process he was using was nothing but hype as well.

I saw it differently. To me the free videos that Jeff Walker provided were pure gold. I carefully watched them multiple times and also studied the process he used. In addition, I ran across several audio interviews from Liz Tomey and Jeff Dedrick that they were using to promote PLF2 as well. These audios were amazing and contained outstanding information.

I decided to challenge myself and use the methods/techniques I learned from Jeff’s videos and Tomey’s audios to do a product launch. I have made products in the past and have had some good success in the past. So I was curious to see how much of a difference it would make.

I recorded 14 short video tutorials on how to use the popular Aweber Autoresponder service and created a product called Aweber UNLEASHED. I determined this was a need because of the number of posts I saw on the Warrior Forum and other boards regarding this tool.

I then contacted three forum friends whom I knew had Internet Marketing (IM) mailing lists and invited them as Joint Venture (JV) affiliates. The total combined subscribers on these lists was about 16,000.

The plan was that I would release one video early in the week for people to preview and then another two days later. I set up a squeeze page in order to get access to the video. Those who confirmed were redirected to a blog that had the video posted. During the next two days of promoting the free video the squeeze page converted at 60.4% and 316 opted in and confirmed their email.

I uploaded the next video. I then sent an email to all the lists about the availability of the second video. Using Frank Kern’s suggestion, the second video I shared was ,IMHO, the best of the 14 and 64 more optins followed that day. The videos received a total of 543 page views during the three day pre-launch.

It was then announced that the Sales page for the full 14 videos would be available on Thursday at noon for a price of only $7. On Thursday emails were sent to all lists about the availability of the videos. Of course PayPal selected that day to have some major technical issues and the first 20+ orders got messed up.

For those that had issues I sent them an alternative download link as well as an additional eBook that I currently sell for $17 as a bonus for their troubles. After the initial issues with PayPal, all went well. The sales page was converting at a robust 23%. As of this writing there have been 188 sales for $1,576 in a little more than 48 hours.

I am receiving numerous requests for people wanting to be affiliates, which I have granted. This affiliate traffic has not gone through the “Pre-launch” routine and so the sales page is converting at a much lower rate but still overall it sits at 19.4%.

Some things I learned/Notes:

  • While the process was very effective, I wouldn’t do it again for a $7 dollar product. It was a lot of work.
  • I wish I had come up with a way to track the sales conversion of those that had opted in and saw the preview videos vs. those that didn’t. That would have been interesting.
  • I need to get a help desk set up. As much of a pain as they are, it’s not worth losing a customer because you never got the email that they were having issues.
  • I neglected to put a support email address on the pages and that caused a couple of problems, but not many.
  • I was very pleased to see that my three affiliates made money. That made me as excited as if I had been the one making it!
  • There are lots of other things I could have done or prepared better for. But money loves speed and I didn’t want to wait any longer to gt the product out.

Overall it was a great launch and a great experience. All this from using information found in the free videos and audios that were released before PLF2.

Hype? Maybe. But the proof is in the bank account and with the satisfied customers.


Michael Gunn is an Internet Marketer and product creator. His products include the free report, Are You Taking Action?, Discussion Forum Fortunes, IM Audio Club, and Niche Warfare in addition to the Aweber UNLEASHED video training series mentioned in this case study.

To learn more about Michael and his work and collect a copy of his latest free report, visit his blog at: www.NicheWarfare.com


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