Flixpress Motion Graphics Service

I discovered a very cool web-based tool for creating motion graphics called Flixpress. The video above was made in about 10 minutes using a free template available on the website. The process could not be any easier.

After creating a free user account, I searched their collection of free templates (there are currently nine to choose from) and selected the one I liked. Next, I filled out a short form with spaces to enter the text I wanted for each slide in the presentation. Then, I hit the render button.

I have After Effects and subscriptions to VideoBlocks and Pond5 (they have a really nice public domain collection with video, audio, and stills that is free to access) to get professional quality templates. But, this service is so fast and easy to use, I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to invest in new software and the time required to learn how to use it. They have hundreds of additional template options available for reasonable prices (much cheaper than hiring someone like me to customize a template for you.)

If you have 5 minutes to kill, visit Flixpress right now and create a free motion graphic just for fun!
Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5

Free Video Sales Page Website Template

Have you fallen in love with video-based sales pages? They are very persuasive and the videos can be fun to create. But, getting everything together to publish can be tedious and repetitive. Add a few features like delayed order button reveals and modal pop-up legal pages and the process can get downright overwhelming.

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Warning: Check Your Statistics Before You Quote Them

A sales page I visited today gave me a good laugh. They prominently quoted a statistic to establish the value of their product (they even linked to the source at the bottom of the page). The quoted statistic made it appear that their product could radically increase sales for people who used it. But, there was one small problem… Continue reading “Warning: Check Your Statistics Before You Quote Them”

Framing, Relativity, and the Decoy Effect

Upselling customers from entry level products to advanced (and more expensive) products is an ongoing challenge to information marketers. Learn how a psychological phenomenon called the Decoy Effect can increase upgrades by 262%. Continue reading “Framing, Relativity, and the Decoy Effect”

A Successful Failure – My Seed Launch Story

I am a big fan of the movie Apollo 13. The NASA mission at the heart of that film was called a successful failure because they didn’t get to the moon, but the astronauts returned home alive. I want to tell you the story of my own successful failure. It’s not quite as epic, but very relevant to anyone doing business online. Continue reading “A Successful Failure – My Seed Launch Story”

What Is The Product Launch Formula™

The Product Launch Formula™ is a marketing course developed by Jeff Walker. His training program teaches people how to create and execute web-based event-style marketing promotions. Continue reading “What Is The Product Launch Formula™”

Dangers of Reverse Engineered Marketing

Copies aren’t ever as good as the originals…

I’ve got something important to share with you today. Copying someone elses marketing campaign only works if you are selling the exact same thing to the exact same audience at the exact same time (that is a lot of exacts.) One mismatch is all it takes to doom you to failure. Let me explain… Continue reading “Dangers of Reverse Engineered Marketing”

The Secret to Selling Awful Food…

Hurry, Supplies Are Limited!What is your opinion of school cafeteria food? If you are like most people, you probably think it barely resembles actual food. When Florida State University polled students about the quality of the food in their cafeteria, they rated the food ‘UNSATISFACTORY!

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