WordPress Is Destroying Your Business

I am a WordPress fan. Over the years I have built dozens of sites using it and made thousands of dollars helping others do the same. But…

this webpage has got me thinking that WordPress might be a big mistake for online business! Continue reading “WordPress Is Destroying Your Business”

3 Ways To Make Money On The Internet

Trying to figure out how to make money online?

Read this article and you will “Get Internet Marketing.” You will understand exactly how the business models for companies like Google, Facebook, and thousands of others work. Now there is still plenty of ground to cover between ‘getting it’ and ‘doing it’ successfully. Your specific path will differ because of your unique talents, desires, etc. Continue reading “3 Ways To Make Money On The Internet”

e-Junkie Tutorial: Alternate Affiliate Landing Pages

Learn how to create alternate landing pages for your affiliates to promote using the e-Junkie shopping cart. This video tutorial shows the process step-by-step and a free downloadable PDF version and script generator software are included.


The E-Junkie ecommerce shopping cart is an excellent shopping cart solution with a build in affiliate program. I currently use it to automate the sales and fulfillment of nearly all of my digital products (and it works well for selling physical goods too.) I even wrote an e-book called Selling Digital Goods with e-Junkie to show help ecommerce newbies get up and running fast. Continue reading “e-Junkie Tutorial: Alternate Affiliate Landing Pages”

Sales Page Templates for WordPress Blogs

WordPress has become one of the most popular platforms for creating and managing websites. But, it wasn’t designed for business and getting a simple salesletter template integrated into your site can be a real pain. Continue reading “Sales Page Templates for WordPress Blogs”

Science of Touch: A 30 Second Selling Trick

A while back an interesting bit of convergence happened to me and it focused my attention on a powerful direct marketing strategy that we can all use on the Internet – engagement. Continue reading “Science of Touch: A 30 Second Selling Trick”

Placing Rocks In The Stream

My first successes marketing and publishing on the Internet did not come from some ‘killer marketing tactic’ or a secret ‘push-button profits software package’. Rather, a simple lifestyle shift began a long steady process of connecting my knowledge and experience with people who were interested. Continue reading “Placing Rocks In The Stream”

Product Launch Formula FREE Reports

As I write this post, Jeff Walker is promoting the “Product Launch Formula ” course he created. I am a student of the original version of this course and was impressed with what Jeff had created back then. These days he packs more information into his launches than most people include in their products.

I have written about the product launch process before to help readers here determine whether the “Product Launch Formula” course is something that would help their business. And now, I pulled together everything I have ever written on the subject into two new reports that you can download at no charge. Continue reading “Product Launch Formula FREE Reports”

The American Pickers and Info Products

What can Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz, and Danielle Colby Cushman teach you about the value of information products?

Are you a fan of the History Channel show “American Pickers?” Personally, I love it. Continue reading “The American Pickers and Info Products”

The Power of Framing Your Sales Message

The meaning we give to something depends on the context in which we see it. Power persuaders control the context of their message. Let me show you what I mean.

If I offered to give you ten million dollars to jump out of an airplane without a parachute, would you do it? Continue reading “The Power of Framing Your Sales Message”