Affiliate Program Tactics: Milestone Goals

Learn how a small package of chocolate covered pretzels and a simple little note card can compel your affiliates to take action and promote your products.


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Russell Brunson’s Second Tier Affiliate Program
Micro-Continuity System

Consulting With Offline Businesses

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Do you know how to create a marketing article? Do you know how to setup an autoresponder? Do you know about keyword research, or any other aspect of Internet marketing? If you know anything about marketing online then… Continue reading “Consulting With Offline Businesses”

The Autopilot Business Lie

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Think back to the last time you read the sales page for a product that promised you an ‘autopilot business’. I’m willing to bet they made it sound an awful lot like you would not have to do any work and money would just fall out of the sky – if only you knew the secret they were trying to sell you. Continue reading “The Autopilot Business Lie”

What To Sell During A Recession: Part 2 – Little Luxuries

There has been a tremendous response to the first article on what to sell during a recession and it has sparked a number of interesting conversations. One of these conversations revolved around the topic of how people who have filled their lives with luxuries like expensive cars, clothes, club memberships, etc. satisfy their urge for luxury when they lose the means to support the habit.

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What To Sell During A Recession

The financial news is pretty clear these days: The United States economy is in a deep recession and the world economy is coming along for the ride. To many, it seems like a bad time to try and sell products online – but they couldn’t be more wrong.

An interesting thing happened on ‘Black Monday.’ As the bottom fell out of the stock market and trillions of dollars in investor wealth vanished into thin air, I actually had a pretty good day in my information publishing business. I made sales as an affiliate, I sold some products from my own product line, and I earned income from ads on my various blogs and websites. (Of course, I lost plenty of money on my investment portfolio!)

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Integration Marketing: What Is It and Why You Should You Use It?

The latest buzz in the Internet marketing world is the concept of Integration Marketing. Mark Joyner recently started a web community around the concept and wrote a book as well (you can get a complimentary copy of the digital version of the book when you register for a free account at the website.)

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Product Launch Secrets: Establishing Value For Your Products

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Establishing Value For Your Products is a critical objective in the product launch process. When your product sales page goes live, you don’t want your potential customers still wondering about whether the product is worth the price. At launch time you want them clamoring to get a copy before you sell out or raise the price. If your customers need to mortgage their home or sell a kidney to buy your product, they need to know in advance so they can free-up the cash and not miss out on your limited offer!
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SRD: Search Result Domination

You hear a lot of talk in the marketing world about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is an entire industry online. But there is an even more powerful strategy you can use to get traffic to your websites. I call it Search Result Domination (SRD) and don’t hear nearly as many people talking about this idea.

When you apply SEO techniques to your website you find yourself getting one or two pages from your website showing up in the top 10 results. Even if you have lots of secondary pages on your domain that are relevant, Google will filter them out of the results. Search Result Domination techniques work to place web pages whose content you control into many or all of the top 10 search results. Imagine the increased traffic and sales you would get if 5 of the top 10 results on a search pointed to pages you controlled. The pages would all be on different domains, so Google wouldn’t filter them out. Each page would point back to your primary site and pre-sell people on the content being offered.

Dominating the Search Results isn’t that hard in most markets. You write some content on the topic (or hire a writer) and use that to create lenses at Squidoo, marketing articles on eZineArticles, blog entries at,, MySpace, Facebook, ScribD, Hubpages, Wikidot, and a host of other sites. Create a video on the topic and blast it across the Internet using services like Traffic Geyser (these can be simple slide shows with narration if that’s all you can do.) Create a podcast from your blog posts using a service like Odiogo (or by recording the audios yourself) and then list your podcast in every podcast directory you can find. Turn the articles into a free report and list it at every ebook directory site you can find.

The end result of working this way is that a searcher will go looking for your keywords and the results page will come back with mostly your pages. Those pages will steer people to your main site where you can capture leads and make sales. They will act like a giant net that you throw into the Internet to scoop up prospects and pull them into your site where they find the answers they were looking for and the products they need.

I’ve used these tactics to quickly get sites I’m working with ranking for my primary keywords. First the offsite pages get listed (I got a Squidoo page to number one in Google in 3 days this way) and then later the target page slowly overtakes the pages on 3rd party sites. Over the long term, I have several related pages on various domains which are all promoting my main page. Coupled with videos, this can happen in hours rather than days.

Give this tactic a try and let us know your results (or, if you already practice SRD, share a few tips from your experience.)

Don’t neglect your SEO work. But, once you have your page titles, headlines, page link structures, and header tags properly set up, move on and start dominating the results pages.

If you are listening to the podcast version of this article, we invite you to visit us online at www dot go to guy enterprises dot com. Leave a comment and let us know what you think about this topic.

How I Made My First $100 With Online Marketing

My personal Internet marketing story can be traced back to a blog entry I read back in December of 2005. Professional blogger Yaro Starak had written about how you could make money creating niche content websites with Adsense ads on them.

I had been toying with the idea of creating some sort of Internet based business for several years, but hadn’t figured out how to get started. Yaro’s article laid out a logical and accessible approach that seemed attainable. So, with no market analysis or research I bought a couple domain names and started experimenting.

At the same time I setup a blog and wrote about my experiments.

After one year of researching and experimenting with my niche sites, I had earned less than $30 from my efforts and spent at least that much money trying to earn $30. I was not a raging success in the world of marketing.

As depressing as my initial results were, those experiments were not wasted. I learned a huge number of valuable Internet skills which became foundational to my later success. I learned about web design, SEO, ad optimization, how to setup a WordPress site and more. I also discovered that the blog I created to document my experiments (and also to write about other projects I was doing and advice I was giving) was far more popular than any of the niche sites I had created.

Along the way I had also found a number of excellent e-books on various aspects of Internet marketing. I had to wade through a lot of junk to find the gems, but I found them. The pivotal book for me was “5 Bucks a Day”, by Dennis Becker. I discovered it during a special offer sale he was running at the Warrior Forum (the 800 pound gorilla of Internet Marketing Forums.)

I had been learning dozens of business plans that seemed like legitimate methods for earning money online, but I hadn’t focused on any one thing long enough to get real traction in my business. Dennis’ book is all about focus and breaking down your efforts into small manageable projects designed to earn a little profit consistently. Over time, you build a portfolio of profitable projects that adds up to significant income.

My newfound focus wasn’t the only benefit I got from Dennis’ e-book. He also started a membership forum for all of the people who bought “5 Bucks a Day.” And, it was there that I experienced the first of many $100 paychecks.

As a member of the forum I got very active helping other members and sharing my personal experiences in the world of marketing. All of the knowledge and skills I had aquired became the foundation for helping others. I answered questions about adding video to websites and how to record better audio. I jumped in with tips for people building WordPress sites. And, I offered detailed reviews of new e-books and software I purchased.

All the energy I put into giving valuable information to fellow forum members paid off in the excellent reputation I was earning. I became a respected member of the community and struck up a few friendships as well.

I continued seeking out new information about Internet marketing. One e-book I came across was “Niche Marketing on Crack,” written by Andrew Hansen. One night I bought the book, devoured it, and jumped on the forum to offer up my opinion of the content.

Dennis is very generous toward the members of his forums. If you provide valuable information in a review and include a non-affiliate link to the sales page, he doesn’t have any problems with members including an affiliate link as well. I included an affiliate link in my review of “Niche Marketing on Crack.”

Over the next several days I answered many questions about the e-book. Some people I encouraged to buy it and others I recommended look elsewhere for the help they needed. As with any product, it was not right for everyone. As a result of the helpful information I provided and the good reputation I had built up, the majority of the forum members who decided to buy the e-book used my affiliate link.

That review earned me $206.80 US in commissions over the first 48 hours after I wrote it in February of 2007. Over the next 4 months I earned an additional $129.25 US. That was my first real taste of marketing success.

For a guy who hadn’t earned a fraction of that amount for all of the work he had done over the previous year, the experience was an adrenaline rush – I was really hooked.

A short while later, Dennis opened another membership forum called “Earn 1K a Day.” I joined in a heartbeat and put the same kind of energy I had spent at the “5 Bucks a Day” forum into this new venture. It was the foundation for my biggest success to date, my “Rapid Website Development” video training series which has generated more than 10 times that first success before it has even had a public launch.

Due to the increased focus on specific aspects of my business, even some of those initial bumbling efforts at marketing have begun to generate small but steady profits and have opened up new opportunities. This blog is an offshoot of the work I did on my first blog. And, of course, I continue to invest in my education to help push me to the point where my publishing business generates enough revenue to support my family. I invested in a copy of John Reese’s “Traffic Secrets” course, Mike Filsaime’s “7 Figure Code”, and (most recently) Frank Kern’s “Mass Control” course.

The most satisfying aspect of all of this is the fact that I’m funding the growth of my business and my ongoing education with revenue from my business and not credit cards and income from my ‘day job!’ (Okay, technically I did charge Frank’s “Mass Control” course on a credit card before I had the money, but I’m hard at work finishing up 2 projects which should earn me all of the money I need to pay that one off – and what I’ve learned is definitely worth the effort.)

So, that’s the story of my first $100. How did you earn yours? Leave comment below and share your story.

If you are listening to the podcast version of this article, we encourage you to visit us at www dot go to guy enterprises dot com. Make sure to share the story of how you made your first $100 doing Internet marketing.

Rethink Your Tools

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Recently I was participating in a conversation about ‘thinking outside the box’ and shared a story that happened when I first started working on an automotive assembly line. (How I ended up working there after college is a story in itself!)
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